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Peel a Ton

Example: Peeled Tomato 


Peel-a-Ton is a machine for peeling fruit and vegetables (kiwi, orange apples, tomatoes to melons, pineapple etc.) The device is

    Peels very thin
    Extremely hygienic

The extremely smooth surface has been shown, for example, apples do not discolour many hours without separate treatment of the surface

Excellent for large kitchens, catering companies, cruise ships, hotels etc.




Compact version for small fruits, tomatoes etc:


KA700 1of2.jpg
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KA700 2of2.jpg
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Compact version for big fruits, pineapples, melons etc:


KA750 1of2.jpg
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KA750 2of2.jpg
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Continuous version for small fruits, tomatoes etc :
Example Quince: