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SNOM - Oil Absorbant

In years of research work developed by a Japanese scientist, the proven properties of the powdery product are as unbelievable as effective:


If the powder is placed on oil-contaminated surfaces or in oil-contaminated liquids this has the following effects:


The oil is absorbed by the powder. It penetrates into the powder, so that the surface of the powder remains dry and contact with the impregnated powderis competely oil-free. The powder is not adhesive but absorbing.

The oil (vegetable- as ell as mineral-oil) is broken down withinin the powder into its hydrocarbon components. After a few days it is consumed. Since the powder is plant-based, it can be composted finally.

 Also in solutions it is applicable, since it does not react with water, it absorbs the oil in the water and can be skimmed off.


Areas of application are road maintenance companies, oil disposal companies but also applications such as decontamination of polluted soil.



Application Examples: