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Machines for Fine Grinding



Space-saving and less noisy with super high power. lt will bring excellent cost performance without need of ancillary facilities.



Machines for dry grinding materials to the finest powders while maintaining desired temperature profiles. Heat generated from friction during grinding causes component denaturation and flavor deterioration of materials, which has been a challenge to grinding mills. Feeding any grain into the mill only once can produce uniform grain size powders, from super-micro to coarse powders, without need to sift by a sifter. This stone grist mill method reduces dispersion of powder, thus decreasing powder lass. You can select any r.p.m appropriate for a selected material through inverter control. It can grind different materials simultaneously into powder mixture of a uniform grain size, allowing for diversified applications.

  • Whole- grain bean curd
    lt can produce bean curd using whole grains without bean curd refuse
  • Noodle
    lt also enables grinding buckwheat rice or wheat into powders without destroying its original flavor. lt can not only manufacture 100% buckwheat noodles. which require a very sophisticated technique and skill. but also grind different materials at the same time effectively to make noodles with unique combination of different materials
  • Rice powder
    This grinder can produce rice powders that da not cause protein denaturation suitable for high-end Japanese sweets. rice powder bread and cake. Also it can be used to make rice noodles and rice paper. which have been gaining popularity recently
  • Paste
    The mill can grind oily sesames and nuts into fragrant smooth paste with t he use of an attachment dedicated for this type of product
  • Bouillon powder
    The mill can easily grind different materials such as see weed, dried tuna, small fish and eye of scallop simultaneously to make various unique powder mixture. lt can be used to grind substandard size eyes of scallop and see weed pieces for diversified applications lt can also be used for producing dry mushroom powders
  • Green tea and healthy tea
    The grinder produces very fragrant tea powders, preserving original tea ingredients lt is also suitable for healthy tea made from oat. rooibos. gingko. du zhong tea leaf, guava and bitter gourd
  • Supplements
    The mill can effectively make or blend agaricus or curcuma powders for supplements
  • Spices and herbs
    For mixing spices, herbs and for making herb tea